Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Paranormal Saskatchewan!  All things Paranormal and Unexplained in Saskatchewan Canada.

After a bit of a (understatement) Hiatus, we are back to contribute to all the Paranormal events, known and unknown happening in Saskatchewan.  If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this blog, please feel free to email us

We do apologize for the lack of action on Paranormal Saskatchewan as a lot has changed for us.  Unfortunately many of the original members and contributors have moved on to different things and decided to leave Paranormal Saskatchewan behind to pursue other ventures and interests.  Many of us have growing families, so we did not have the time to contribute as would have liked too as well.

We have decided to rebuild this site with the focus on the people of Saskatchewan to share their experiences here and continue to help keep Saskatchewan on the map.  We have a very diverse and interesting history here, and to no ones surprise, quite some excellent ghost stories and legends!

It has been quite a while, and many things have changed, but it is good to be back!  Please bare with us, as we upload all the old content from our old previous web site back for your enjoyment.


The Paranormal Saskatchewan Team