Orb Video – Mallory A. – Prince Albert, SK

“So, I was watching the movie ‘After Earth’ then I was reminded that my buddy and I watched it months before. Well, he fell asleep and started talking to the movie, answering Will Smith as he talks (LOL). So I decided to record it and send it to him. But yeah, I finished recording it and watched and saw the orbs. I was really excited!”

After viewing the footage and seeing some interesting orb activity located by the lower part of the Television we decided to ask Mallory a few more questions, specifically about the house in question;

“Actually when I first moved in, my Television would act up. The screen would go all streaky and the sound would skip. It wasn’t my cable box or the channel; it would turn off then on. This happened 5 times in one night. Also, my daughter was waking up almost every hour or so screaming and crying and would always point to this one area of her room. Really creepy! My family was very religious, so I used to be I guess. I prayed for her too and the house three nights in a row. The first two times I was scared, I don’t know why but the third night I was pissed off that my daughter was still waking up like that. I went into her room with such confidence and prayed. All this had happened ever since this video.”

Mallory went on to also share one of her first paranormal experiences she remembers as a child.

“My very first experience though, was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I lived out on a farm outside of Prince Albert. Well I remember I woke up to use the bathroom, and like a typical kid I went to the kitchen to get a cookie. (LOL) Then I wanted a cream sickle too so I turned around to go to the front porch area. I swear I saw a man holding a little girls arm. They were dressed kind of different too, like old time farmers or something. But I thought it was my dad and one of my sisters or something, but when I got in the porch they were gone. I freaked out and ran to my room. I looked outside and here my dad was busy working in his truck the whole time. My two sisters were in their beds too. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Mallory! Thank you very much for the contributions Mallory! Definitely very interesting! Please keep in touch if you have any more experiences!

Paranormal Saskatchewan Team